Blogging has changed the way I learn in a classroom completely.Knowing that I actually have somebody actually listening and looking at my work,makes me feel that someone  actually cares about what I’m writing.

Blogging has also helped me connect with other students from all around the world and I am happy to say that they are now my good blogging friends.My new friends have helped me along the way to making my blog the best it can be,and I really appreciate them for that.

Blogging lets students express what they care about and feel by typing it down and telling other ploggers from aroung the world.I personally think that that is the best thing about blogging.

I’m really glad that Mrs Cliff  introduced blogging to our class because it has taught me a whole lot of new things about Science and Technology,and I am hoping to continue to do it next year!

Weekly Poll

From now on I’ve decided to do a weekly poll.So could you please vote and answer my polls.I have also left a comment box at the bottom if you could please co
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Why should we use images?

Why should we use images?Most of you probably think it’s better to explain things in your own words,don’t you?Well, your wrong.

Images are great to use for these following reasons:people can understand what your talking about better,they add more detail to the post and they make people interested straight away.Now I’m going to explain those reasons with more detail.

1.When you don’t use images and your talking about something unusual or strange some people may not understand what your talking about,so,if you use images and have a visual way of showing what your talking about,regulary people will know what your talking about.

2.If you have a picture with what your talking about it adds more detail.Say if you were typing about where you live,and you add a picture of it,the picture would make it more detailed.

3.Last but not least,it will make people interested.As soon as people see the picture with your post,it will draw peoples attention to reading your post and with that might add a pretty good comment behind.

See,I told you you were wrong.


Port Stephens

Port Stephens is one if the most beautiful places to live.When you live in Port Stephens you are surounded by water and aquatic life..In the summer time you can go swimming whenever you want.Port Stephens has shops that have the essential things like foof drinking liquids and and clothes which are the sort of things that help you survive in your life, but thats not all!Say if you have kids and they are bored or have nothing to do…ITS EASY!You can take them to lots of places that thet will enjoy.There are parks and things like that you can take them to.For the.For the adults ther are the Rsls and everthing like that.

So thats why I think Port Stephens is the place to live.

Most awesome dad in the world(Bayden Gardiner)

My dad, Bayden Gardiner, is the most awesome dad in the world for the following three reasons…His enthusiasm, his cooking, and best of all…his positive way of looking at life.
The first reason to convince you that he is the best dad in the world is his positive way of looking at life.Whenever something goes bad he always says”Just think of those poor people in India and Africa, who don’t have any shelter or food,” and he always makes us listen.
The second reason to convince you that he is the best dad in the world is he cooks really nice food.Since I don’t like mushrooms or jelly, he never makes jelly or anything with mushrooms in it, he usually makes my favourite(Chicken Cheese).
The last reason to convince you that he is the worlds best dad is his enthusiasm.He always lets us say go for walks to the park and him and I always have wrestling competition(he goes easy on me and lets me win).
My dad is the best dad in the world!

Should we have brothers and sisters?

I strongly agree, but I’m going to tell you the affirmative and negative.I’m going to tell you the negative side first.

Firstly, they are so messy! Since I have sisters that live with my dad, I sometimes have to clean up their room, and every time I do that, they go and mess it up again.

Secondly, they are annoying! They always have to get their own way, so I don’t make up any of the ideas, we usually play barbies or something like that.

Now for the affirmative side.

Firstly, they are there if you’re feeling down. My sisters always give me big hugs if I’m feeling sad, like the time I nearly got killed by a chicken(true story, that’s why I’m scared of birds).

Secondly, they can be pretty fun. Sometimes my sisters don’t want to play barbies, they want to watch a movie or something, and they are the kind of things I like to do.